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ALEX INFORMATION LIMITED was incorporated in 1994 and is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of business and credit information search services to local and overseas corporations. We have developed a global information network for exchanging information with more than 22 overseas credit bureaus and agents located worldwide.

Our major clients include bankers, financial institutions, solicitor firms, audit firms, secretarial services companies, insurance companies, importers, exporters and commercial credit grantors engaged in various lines of business.

Alex Information services have been widely used by the corporate sector as a guideline for business decision making. We can assist your business in today's ever-changing and competitive environment in many ways, for example:

Adjusting or setting credit limits of client's accounts
Identifying potential customers
Revealing the background of prospective partners
Accessing a supplier's capabilities when considering to place an order

Our goal is to help your business minimize risks and maximize profits. Accuracy, efficiency and confidentiality form the basis of our company's philosophy.

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