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Legal Search

This services helps to reveal whether a party ( a body corporate or a person ) has been involved as defendant in civil claims locally for the last five years.All civil litigation record including winding-up / bankruptcy petitions kept in the High Court are input into our database on a daily basis. Au up to now, we have stored approximately 100,000 civil litigation records.

Company Search Report

Each Report HKD200.00
(1 working day / Include Document Fee / Urgent Charge Double)

A company search report contains the major statutory information of a company filed at the Hong Kong Companies Registry.
Company files of the following types of companies are available from the Companies Registry: public limited companies, private limited companies, overseas companies and companies limited by guarantee. An overseas company is incorporated outside Hong Kong and has a place of business in Hong Kong. Its capital structure, name of shareholders and share allotments are not filed at the Companies Registry.
In Hong Kong, each incorporated company is required to deliver an annual return to the Companies Registry within 42 days after its annual general meeting. An annual return comprises the following particulars: registered office address, the company's adopted trade style, list of shareholders, list of directors, existing mortgage and charges and other information.
Whenever a change in shareholders takes place in a company, the shares transfer document must be delivered to the Companies Registry at the same time the annual return is submitted. The date of delivering an annual return differs from company to company. Thus, some new shares transfer records may not be included in our company search report.
The company file of a new company may not be available to the public until after 15-20 days of its incorporation.
If a company file is out, it usually takes about 2-5 working days to regain access to the file.
Since April 1990, the public can request only the diazo copies of a company's filed documents instead of the whole company file.

Land Search

Land and property search services are one of our basic services. Through this services, our customers can obtain information regarding name of developer, transaction records, mortgage details, floor plan, deeds of the land or property under your search and etc.

Company Credit Report

Each Report HKD980.00
(Include Government Charges / Urgent Charge Double)
Report written in English

A Company Credit Report from Alex Information Limited contains key information for decision-makers in credit granting, financing, marketing, insurance, business acquisition, business collaboration and purchasing. Each report contains up-to-the-minute facts and data that are obtained through our reporting team's enquiries, from our comprehensive database system and from enquiries with outside sources.

Company / BR Search Report

This information helps to reveal the basic details of a company such as

Date of incorporation
Share capital particulars
List of shareholders / directors / owners
Mortgage records
Legal Search

It is the lowest cost instrument to reveal the origin of a company.


PRC / Overseas Company Credit Report

Each Report HKD1,980.00
(Include Government Charges / Urgent Charge Double)
Report written in English

Through its worldwide information network, Alex Information can provide reports on companies from over 70 countries. The reports are compiled by our overseas correspondent agents who are well established and well acquainted with the economic conditions and financial practices of their respective regions.

China Credit Reports

Resident Reporters
  Our reporter will visit the office / factory of a company under enquiry. The principals / chief executives are interviewed, and the condition of a company is observed. This ensures that our report will contain up-to-the-minute facts.
Substantial Information Network
  We collaborate closely with several agents in the PRC who can tap into a substantial information network and access data from the banking, manufacturing, trading and governmental sectors.
Free Supplementary Information for China Trade.
  Each report is supplemented with a fact sheet that includes geographical information for the company under enquiry, various types of company status in the PRC and background information on China trade. This information is particularly useful for new participants in China trade.

North America, South America, Europe, Australia Company Credit Report

Alex Information Limited has affiliations with 10 correspondent agents in North and South America, Europe and Australia. Each has over 20 years of business history and has earned valuable goodwill in their respective countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and etc... The format of a report is standardized and includes an item "credit opinion without obligation". Thus, you can specify the amount of credit for consideration in your order request.

Southeast Asia Company Credit Report

In response to the important role Southeast Asia plays in international trade, the demand for reports on this region has increased notably in recent years. Our affiliated agent for Southeast Asia is considered a pioneer in the region and has been continuously managed by a group of on-the-ground resident professionals since inception. Available data for the region includes 500,000 company credit reports, covering businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, The Philippines and Indonesia.


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